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‘I’ll Just Ride it Out’

Markets Becoming Predictable?

Field Curve is Flattening | Recession Ahead?

Inflation Heading Higher

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Hamas Attack on Israel Black Swan Event?

US Treasury's, Oil and Bitcoin

Not Even With A 10ft Poll

US 10YR at 2007 Highs

The Impending Debt Maturity Cliff

Navigating the Rising Tide

Don't Get Sucked into this Near-term Rally

Despite What Janet Yellen Says, the Economy is Not what She Says it is

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Seven Carry 493 on the S&P

Bond Market is the Truth | Yields Rise

U.S. 10-Year Treasury Yield Soars: Highest Since 2007

Understanding the Impact of Federal Reserve Interest Rates on the Economy and Your Wallet

The Collapse of China and the Products that Serve the USA

Challenging the Optimism: Why a Soft Landing in 2023 Might Be Wishful Thinking

Consumers are Paying more for Food and Energy

Regional Bank Crisis Over?

Keeping it Simple

I’m Thankful

The State of the Mortgage Market Amidst Surging Rates and Global Tensions

Oh! American Consumer is Doing Great! (What?)

September Not Yet Friendly to Long Stock Opportunities

Economic Data Could Be Miss Leading

A.I. + Crypto Mining?

August Ending, Volatility Controlled Funds, and the Market

Stagflation on the Horizon

OpenAI, New Offering But is There Room

Did You Get Sucked into Nvidia?

Nvidia to the Moon 🌝

Don’t Be Greedy

Buy on the Rumor, Sell on the News?

China’s Largest Real Estate Developer Files Bankruptcy

S&P 500 Hits Five Week Low

S&P 500 Nose Dives Tuesday

Fitch Inspires SP500 and West Texas Crude to Trend Lower

Futures Up | Updated QQQTrades Stock Ideas

Infaltion Takes a Chill Pill in July

Target Date Funds Control Markets

Stock Futures Retreat as Bank Shares Drop

SP500 Break Above 4556 Could Rocket 🚀 Higher

Big Tech Miss and Hit

Apple and Amazon Report After the Bell Tonight

The US Downgraded by Fitch | SP500 and Tesla Turning South for Longer?

Kansas Heartland Bank Taken Over by FDIC

Oil and Japan Making Moves

The Magnificent Seven Continue to Show Strength

Waiting with Bated Breath | Google & Microsoft Earnings

Nasdaq 100 Rebalance and Four of the Magnificent Seven Report Earnings

The Sun Will Rise Tomorrow, Unless Your Stock is Tesla

Grocery's will Cost More, Inflation on the Rise

Tesla is On the Move

Tesla, Bank of America, Netflix and more Banks Report this Week

JP Morgan Beats Earnings Estimates

Is the CPI a Forward Indicator to Equity Markets?

The Start of Earnings Season

ADP Jobs Double, Market Sells OFF

CHINA, To Much Dependence

Futures Down as We Wait Fed Meeting Minutes

Junior Trades, Man the Fort! July 4 Holliday Week

End of the Quarter Market Up?

Riding the Fear and Greed Pushing Markets

Mutual Fund Managers can Tell You what Stocks will Takeoff Next

Like a Roller Coaster

The Turning?

#SKEW Indicating a Market Crash in 2-12 Weeks

Powell Isn't Backing OFF! Higher RATES Ahead!

Tesla Short Squeeze?

Are We at the Top of Mt. Everest in the Markets

Market's Closed But the Economic World Keeps Turning

Trade Idea

$4.2 Trillion in Options Expire Today

Is Tesla Going Lower? Is the Trip to the Moon for AI Running Out of Jet Fuel?

Anticipatioooon...Anticipaaaaation...Jerome is Making Me Wait

Hours Away form the Cops Busting Up the Party

Rising Inflation in the US Puts Basic Necessities Out of Reach for Many

Fed Meeting, OPEX on Friday, What could go Wrong

TESLA Mid Morning Pop

The Debate Over Pausing AI Research: Perspectives Clash in the Tech Industry

Have Markets Topped?

China Exports Decline, Time for Gold?

Old, Slow and Stodgy Could be a Winner?

Is the Tide Beginning to Head Out?

Will Nvidia's Run Up Last

Give Me Something Positive to Talk About!

Lunch Time Thought

Markets have to Stay Balanced

Memorial Day 25% Off Special at Midnight

AI Could be Fading


Feels Like a New Year...

Limited time 25% Discount

Happy Memorial Day | Debt Ceiling | 2 stocks to Watch

Look Beneath the Surface


Nvidia Reports after the Bell

Debt Ceiling Talks | AI Rules the Roost

Jones and Cohen Say Markets will End the Year Higher

The Effects of Credit

Buffett's Vote of Confidence in Capital One


Futures Up in Hopes of Debt Ceiling Deal

Auto Manufactures Head into Strong Headwinds

Concern over Debt Ceiling

CPI Comes in Better the Expected

‘Apple is the best business we own’

Trade: Allocation Update

Apple Beats, Yield Curve Rises

Banking Bingo


All About the Fed

The Day after First Republic Bank is taken over by JPMorgan

First Republic Bank Take Over | AAPL and the Federal Reserve

Trade Update | Will Mortgage Rates go lower by years end?

Microsoft and Google Report Yet the Foundation Weakens


Bond Market is Leading the Way

Big Week for Tech Earnings


Apple and Fed Balance Sheet Price Target

The MACRO Says We have a Ways to Go

Tesla’s Big Day Go 💥

Big Banks Positive Earnings, but…

Open the Hood

New Addition to Asset Allocation Model

Welcome to Earning Season

Portfolio Adjustments for Subscribers

Consumer Loans Up

Big Day for Bank Earnings

Added a Position in Anticipation of Bank Earning

Is the Fed Going Put a Nail in the coffin of the US Economy?

A Week of Data and Bank Earnings

Banks Aren't the Only Ones with Negative Asset Values

When Two Force Collide

Much to Be Thankful For

US Economy Adds more Jobs

Global Economy is Cracking

Global Economy is Cracking


Why Bank Deposits are Falling

Its the Combination of Things that Matter

WTI Crude Up 6.33%

Federal Reserve is Killing the Banking System

Short and Sweet


The Race to Pristine Collateral

This is going to happen…

Portfolio Allocation Idea

Mid Game Change Up

Thank You Cards for Federal Reserve

European Banks are Burning 🔥

If Yesterday was All About the Fed, What is Today All About?

It’s All About the Fed

A Rush to the Back of a Sinking Boat


UBS Buys Credit Swiss

That was Short Lived

Bonds are Telling Us things Still Suck

The Hunt for Pristine Capital

Will the Fed Pivot



It was Bound to Happen

Why Did Silicon Valley Bank Fail?


Are Banks at Risk Again?


Money Makes the World Go Round


This Chart Tells You the State of the American Household

QQQ Top 10 All Down Today


What is the Bond Market Telling Us

All is Quit on the Market Front


“The Fed is Selling Call's to the Market”

Tesla, New Home Mortgages Disappoint

Charts, Stats and Comments

More News Showing Signs of Economic Weakening

Running Behind

Futures are Up…does that Matter?


One Week after OPEX of $1.8 Trillion


NVDA and Alibaba Pre-Market Rally

Lower Highs, Lower Lows


Welcome to the Start of a New Week

New Addition to QQQ Trade Ideas


#TSLA Day Range

$1.8 Trillion in Options Expire Today

Short Tesla or Eat Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream?

Data Just Isn’t Getting Better

TESLA Opportunity?

CPI Comes in at 6.5% YoY

Is this a Week of Volatility?

QQQ Trade Idea Weekend Update

Pricing Change

What will Cause the Fed to Pivot

Does AAPL Control the QQQ's?

QQQ's and the State of the Union

Liquidity is what Makes the Magic Happen…in Bull Markets

$USD$ vs QQQ (SP500)

QQQ Trade Ideas Week Ahead

The Debate


Options on QQQ Crazy Active

Kerry and I’s Debate about “The Pivot”



Avalanches Don’t Start on the Surface

Fed Moves Inline with Fed Funds Futures

Calm before the storm?


Zero Days Can Go Both Ways

Is Tech and the QQQ Over Bought?

QQQ TRADE IDEAS Weekly Update January 29, 2023


Is this the bottom?


Question the Unquestioned

Wait for the Earnings Call

Trade Alert

MSFT Reports





QQQ Week of January 16th Review


Will the Top 10 an Netflix Hold the QQQ UP into the Close?

The Fed, Retail Investors and Bear Rally's

Netflix Cause for a Pump?


They No Longer Support Me

Making Ground

CEO Tells All Tech is Slowing

Earnings Are in Full Swing

Bull Week in a Bear Trend

Buying 1 Share of SQQQ

What Moved the Markets this Week

Earnings…tell the Truth

Drumroll Please

Patiently Waiting

Last 20 Minutes of the Trading Day

Monday Midday Gamma Squeeze to Late Afternoon QQQ Selling

Early to the Party?

Week in Review


Stopped Out of QID | Bought Back In SQQQ

Morning Update

Bought QID

Looking for the Top End of the Range

Trailing Stops Work

Place Trailing-Stop- Loss

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